Why don't you own your motorbike in Vietnam?

So, if you have decided to come to Vietnam and stay for a long time, you might find that buying a motorbike is a better option than renting one. In that case, there are some websites where you can compare bike prices:
Motorbike Rental Da Nang
It is necessary to choose a visual aid that is appropriate for the topic and audience.

Unfortunately, the last two websites do not have an English version. However, even on the Vietnamese version, it's not too difficult to search for the brand names of the motorcycles you are looking for. You can also contact the seller on any of these sites. Or, if you have already decided on a price, you can buy a bike from a nearby location.
After the purchase, you will receive a blue card that shows the name of the motorbike owner. However, it will be the name of a Vietnamese citizen.

What are the risks?

What dangers do you face in this situation? And what risks do you bear?
Firstly, it will be extremely difficult to prove ownership of the bike you have bought. For example, if you:
  • Lose your parking ticket in a guarded parking lot
  • Witness your motorbike being stolen or confiscated by the police
  • Lose your blue card
Additionally, anyone can purchase a stolen or illegally imported motorbike with fake documents. We have never heard of a motorbike owner claiming their property rights after the sale, but this possibility cannot be ruled out.

What should you do?

A completely legal motorcycle is one that has a blue card with a corresponding VIN and chassis number, and has your name entered in the police database.

How to register a new motorbike under your name?
The first step is to request and verify the quality certificate (Phiếu Kiểm Tra Chất Lượng Xuất Xưởng). This certificate contains all the necessary information about the bike.
If you buy a new motorbike from a dealership, you need to receive a red invoice. This is necessary, although many foreigners do not ask for it due to misinformation from local resellers. Having an invoice helps resolve issues and proves that you have legally purchased the bike.
If you are not buying a new motorbike, you need to sign a notarized motorbike sale contract and have an agreement with the previous owner instead of obtaining a red invoice. Be sure to make a notarized copy of the previous owner's blue card!
Motorbike insurance is also required and must be obtained.
  1. First, visit the local tax authorities and pay about 5% of the motorbike's cost.
  2. Then, visit the local traffic police. Make sure you have all the required documents, including:
  • A passport valid for at least one more year
  • A resident card valid for at least one year
  • A work permit
In some cases, they may ask for a letter from your employer stating that you are employed by them.
You do not need a driver's license to register a motorbike as your property, according to the rules No. 36/2010/TT-BCA regarding vehicle registration. Ignore anyone who tells you otherwise!
This registration process takes about one month. After registration, you will receive a registration number with the letters "NN," which means "foreigner."

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