Getting a Vietnamese Driver's License for Riding a Motorbike

To obtain a driver's license in Vietnam, applicants are required to pass both a written and practical driving test. Before taking the exams, drivers must undergo theoretical training, which typically costs around 400,000 VND. However, it's worth noting that the training and exams are conducted in Vietnamese, but there are ways to navigate around this language barrier.
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If you have already legalized your driver's license in Vietnam, as explained in the previous section, even if you only have a Category B license and want to obtain a Category A license for riding a motorbike, you can skip the theoretical part of the exam.
For those without any existing driver's license, passing the theory exam is necessary. To prepare for the exam, you will need to gather the following documents:
a. Six color photos [3 × 4]
b. Notarized copy of your passport
c. Previously legalized Category B license in Vietnam
d. Your passport
e. Valid visa or resident card for a minimum of three months
With these documents in hand, visit the Transport Department, where you will receive a form to complete in Vietnamese.
Additionally, you will undergo a simple physical examination and an eye test. Following the medical examination, you will be given a driving schedule and asked to select a convenient time. Once you have paid all the required fees, you will be issued a receipt, which serves as proof of admission to the exam. Your original documents will be returned to you at this stage. On the exam date, return to the Department of Transportation with your passport and Vietnamese driver's license (if applicable).
The exam itself takes approximately 15 minutes and provides a motorcycle for you to use. You will receive the exam results via SMS in Vietnamese after ten working days.
The driver's license card will be issued within five working days. You will be instructed to come and collect your new driver's license on the designated date. Notably, foreign applicants are typically granted driver's licenses without an expiration date.
  • Driver's license issuance fee: 135,000 VND
  • Exam fee: 90,000 VND
  • Medical examination fee: 160,000 VND.
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